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Six Flags America
Six Flags America
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FIREBIRD Coaster Takes Flight in 2019 at Six Flags America

FIREBIRD Coaster Takes Flight in 2019

Rising from the ashes of the Apocalypse is FIREBIRD! This all-new coaster experience will take thrill-seekers through incredible twists, drops and inversions, all while seated in state-of-the-art floorless trains.

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Maryland’s Only Floorless Roller Coaster

Get the sensation of being airborne as you soar along the track with nothing beneath your feet but the wind.

State-of-the-art Floorless Trains

Brand new Swiss-engineered trains feature open seats and no floors, putting riders’ feet dangling above the twisted rails.

Thrilling Twists, Turns, Inversions

A nine-story drop leads to thrilling loop and corkscrew inversions, plus a figure-eight finale, on more than half a mile of track.

Smoother & Faster

FIREBIRD will deliver a faster and smoother ride, making it a thrill that riders will enjoy again and again.

Opening Spring 2019

FIREBIRD begins its thrilling reign at Six Flags America in Spring 2019.

New for 2019 Gallery

Take a closer look at FIREBIRD. We will continue to update the gallery as FIREBIRD takes shape. Click the images below to see a larger version.

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