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Six Flags America
Six Flags America
Baltimore/Washington, DC
Apocalypse steel coaster

Apocalypse: The Last Stand

An Adventure Sent From the Future.

Explosions, plane crashes, zombies — this can’t be good, but in this case, it’s what’s mind-blowingly fun. Apocalypse is a record-setting stand-up coaster that will give you the chance to show what you’re made of when everything around you is blowing up.

You’ll be strapped in fully standing for this soaring blast through chaos. Right away you’ll feel how standing adds smoothness to an intimidating journey through the most pummeling thrills a wrecked world has to offer.

Glide smooth as silk up that first lift hill, 100 feet in the sky over the scorched earth. Everything looks so peaceful from up here. But in a few seconds you’ll be getting up close and personal with the apocalypse, starting with a devastating 90-foot drop!

Long before you can catch your breath, you’ll rocket into a vertical loop with the grace and power of a fireball exploding into the air. Taking a loop like this standing up is one of the great thrills in modern coastering. You have the sensation that your entire body is tumbling end-over-end like a gymnast.

This twisted mountain of steel exists only to pummel you with 2,900 feet of relentlessly winding track. Swooping in high-G curves, you’re delivered to a powerful corkscrew that you’ll whip around at a crazy fast 55 miles per hour. A mind-warping S-shaped curve and overbanked turns shoot you through the ravaged landscape, with fiery explosions blasting off in your face as you race over downed aircraft and a world that’s seen better days. Lucky for you, you know how to have fun in a situation like this.

Temperatures must reach at least 40° for this ride to open.

Two years after the apocalypse and you are the last survivor!

Make your way through zombies trying to attack you as well as deformed, blinded and disabled people clinging on to you asking you to help them make it out alive.

Make your stand as you ride the Apocalypse.

Watch out for the big ball of fire and try to survive till the end.

Height requirement: Min. 54″

By The Numbers

Top Speed
55 mph
10 stories
2900 feet
2 minutes
Bolliger & Mabillard

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Closed for the Season

Thrill Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

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Goes Upside Down
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